Empowering People

We want to help people unlock their true potential and 

bring access to education to the underprivileged


Our Idea 

Mentoring For Change

is an initiative to empower young professionals and university graduates to better understand their career journey and achieve their aspirations. We believe in the power of mentoring and education to help people unlock their potential.

In return, we want mentees to pay it forward by donating towards the Magic Bus Foundation which is working with children of disadvantaged backgrounds to provide them an education and alleviate them from poverty. There is also an expectation that the beneficiary will work diligently with the mentors towards reaching their ambitions. 

Who We Are 

Our People, Our Strength

We are a group of MBA students and working professionals from varied backgrounds having worked in many industries across tech, consulting, startups, telecommunications and other industries.


We all share a common passion to teach and empower those whom we can reach their potential. We also believe in the power of education and want to help underprivileged youth get access to education  


Make A Difference 


Magic Bus works with 400,000 disadvantaged youth across India to help equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to get out of poverty and earn a livelihood. The skills are taught through sporting activities, games and classroom learning. Sessions are designed to represent real-life situations and challenges so children are able to relate these back to their daily lives.

The Magic Bus program’s mix of sport, activities and education to help empower youth to get out of poverty was very appealing to us as we also really believe in its power to help children learn and get excited.

How We Can Help


Having gone through career transitions, been hiring managers, and accepted into reputed MBA programs, these are the avenues through which we can pass on our learnings. We will tailor the support to your specific needs.

Career Guidance
  • Industry Switch Advice
  • Resolving "My Career Path" Confusion
  • Growth Tips
  • Switching Locations
MBA Guidance
  • Choosing Right School
  • Cracking GMAT Exam
  • Application Guidance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Post-Offer Tips

Our Mentors

Ilia Gorshkov
Ilia is an incoming MBA student at
London Business School. Prior to MBA he worked primarily in Tech companies, such as Uber and MADE.COM, where he was focusing on various strategic aspects of businesses. Apart from Tech roles, he has an experience in Venture Capital and Academia. Ilia holds an MPhil in Finance degree from the University of Cambridge. He is an avid flower lover and watchmaking enthusiast.   
Eishan Dhandhania
Eishan is currently an MBA student at London Business School. He is Indian and has lived and travelled around the world. He started his career as an equity analyst at Bloomberg. During which he also tried his hand at entrepreneurship. For about 4 years prior to LBS he was in different operations roles at Uber in Southeast Asia and Europe. He is very passionate about education and fitness. He loves the occasional pint.
Ayush Agrawal
Ayush is currently pursuing his MBA at the London Business School. Born and brought up in India, Ayush completed his engineering from IIT Roorkee and started his career as a senior data analyst at the Royal Bank of Scotland. At OYO, Ayush looked after operations and product strategy and launched new markets across Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. He loves football and is a foodie at heart.




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"Eishan played an instrumental role in helping me during my career transition from Consulting to Tech. His advice and recommendations are crisp, targeted and impactful. His practical outlook and unconventional thinking really helps one stand out from the pack. An absolute rockstar who one can lean on for solid advice and help."

—  Sid Mayecha, Uber


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